About the Bank

RCSBank has served the Mark Twain region since 1944. The Behren's family acquired the bank in 1958, with Ray Behrens serving as the bank's president from 1958 1963. Ray's son, Ed Behrens, served the bank as president from 1964 1986 and serves today as Chairman of the bank's Board of Directors. Ed's son, Jim Behrens, has served as the bank's president and chief executive officer since 1986.

In 1972 Ed Behrens purchased control of the Center State Bank. The Center State Bank was merged into Ralls County State Bank in 1985.

The bank's new facility and headquarters at New London were completed in 1994. The Center bank facility was completely renovated in 1998.

In 2004 the bank celebrated its 60th anniversary (1944 2004), and the official name of the bank was changed to RCSBank.

Our newest facility at 390 N Veterans Rd, Hannibal, opened in September 2005.

In 2007 RCSBank introduced free E-Global Checking.

RCS Bank Past, Present, and Future

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